Electronic Diagnostic Module

Designed right here so that it does exactly what we need

About the EDM

The EDM is our custom designed and manufactured controller. At its core it contains a powerful MSP430 microcontroller with digital and analog circuitry to make it easy to connect with Industrial systems.

We use it for investigating machines that have faulted. It provides a safe means of probing analog and digital signals with builtin cataloguing capabilities. It also allows us to go beyond observing the machines operation and lets us take control of entire electronic systems to dig deeper for the root causes of faults and breakdowns.

You don’t really understand how a machine works until you have reimplemented its control yourself.

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  • Small and self contained
  • 6 High performance Analog inputs. 0-10V or 0-160V as standard with 0-900V available with an add on board
  • 2 Analog outputs (DAC) 0-10V
  • 16 Digital IO, typically arranged as 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 6 of the outputs can drive PWM signals. We have a quad half bridge card available as an add on
  • 0-30V AC or DC input power supply.
  • SPI and I2C comms ports available
  • UART comms for programming (BSL) and for access to the Forth REPL
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Terminal IO


Digital IO


Analog IO


Comms Ports

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