OpenBSD in a wire bender

The last couple of days have been spent repairing a servo motor drive from a Macsoft 3D wire bender. Some capacitors had failed, damaging the circuit board and causing two of the IGBT’s to fail. We were able to get the machine going again fortunately and after it was done the customer got me to have a look at an older Macsoft wire bender. As it was starting up I recognised the flash of text across the screen to be the startup messages from OpenBSD!

OpenBSD is an operating system that is dedicated to proactive security and is one of the most obscure operating systems that I have ever come across. I ran our office firewall on OpenBSD for many years, many years ago. It is a lovely operating system for this sort of terminal only interface job. It is very reliable, is light weight and has great documentation.

At least it isn’t DOS