UPS Sales and Services

At Electronic Innovations our highly skilled staff have had years of experience selling, servicing and repairing UPS units.

No matter what problem you are experiencing with your UPS we can fix it. Whether it needs a new set of batteries or a complete, component level repair we have a solution for you. Take advantage of our free quotes today and ensure the reliability of your UPS.

We are also able to offer a complete range of UPSs and accessories at competitive prices. This high quality range of power protection products are able to suit any need and solve any power protection problem.

New UPSs

We can help you select and source a high quality UPS for any application. Through our experience repairing and maintaining UPSs we have become very knowledgeable of the typical problem areas and design limitations of all the different types of UPS systems. Give us a call if you need advice on sizing a new UPS system.

UPS and Battery Services

At our offices we have the equipment and the expertise to carry out a complete test of your UPS. Once we have found the fault we can carry out component level repairs and replace the batteries. Finally we re-calibrate the UPS and ship the unit back to you.

  • Full test and obligation free quote
  • UPSs of any Make, Model or Age apply
  • Inexpensive Battery Replacement by trained technicians
  • Charger Circuit Modification
  • Component Level Repair
  • Full parameter re-Calibration to Queensland specific values
  • 1 Year warranty on the newly installed batteries

User Replaceable Battery Packs

We will supply APC approved batteries for any UPS Make, Model or Age. The batteries are kept in stock so that you can get a hold of them in a hurry. Electronic Innovations has actively researched and tested the batteries we sell to make sure we stock the best UPS batteries available. This option is the most economical way to refurbish a UPS.

Electronic Innovations will dispose of your old batteries in an environmentally friendly way if you return them to us.

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